The Power of the Holistic Approach

Some of you know that I have been using a holistic approach to attempt to heal my body naturally. During the past 9 years of battling Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, I have been swallowing multitudes of prescribed pills, none of which were making the difference I felt they should be making on a consistent basis. Yes, I did see positive results from some of my medications, but those effects generally decreased over time. I have realized, over time and with experience, that doctors were just prescribing “the next drug on the list”, as directed, rather than  taking time to think about the root of the problem, or how to address that!

As someone who can legitimately claim the word “doctor” after her name, (regardless of the species on which I am licensed to practice medicine), I am disgusted with the modern paradigm of medicine practiced in this country. There are only a few “doctor’s offices” in which I have walked in the past 10 years which have helped me and my condition. The others simply collected money from my insurance company, in exchange for documentation of a problem and a prescription written for said problem. There were rarely discussions of lifestyle changes, preventative medicine techniques, or holistic approaches to medical problems. In this country we reach for pills first, and seem to be stumped if they don’t help. We have forgotten (some never knew) that there are many other helpful approaches to medicine, that might in some cases, be much more helpful than what we consider to be traditional here in America.

Here is a list of Wikipedia links to some of these approaches, to help you become more familiar with what is available.

I’ve recently begun seeing a Naturalistic Doctor, and I have been happier with her as my primary care physician than any other I have ever had.  I filled out a small mountain of paperwork prior to my appointment, so that she could learn many details about my medical history. It literally took me days to complete it all. She wanted this information a month prior to my appointment. My initial consult with her lasted nearly 3 hours, while she diligently and attentively questioned me about my disorder and all things related or unrelated. I can’t tell you how I’ve yearned for a doctor to listen to me the way she does. She strives to understand the root of the problem, and how we address those problems naturally. All I want in the whole world is for someone to listen to me, and to understand. And she does! And it’s wonderful!

She prescribed many lifestyle changes for me, some of which were very different from my routine, but others were not so different from the natural methods I had been practicing myself for the past couple of years. I’ll go into the specifics of my changes in another post, but for now, I’ll tell you that I began an intensive detox program for the next 30 days. And then I have continued on through the next 30 days, with only a few minor changes and allowances from the first plan.

It has all changed my life in a very big way. Yes, I have seen positive changes occur gradually over the last 8 years of my learning and growing with this disorder. Occasionally I found a medication or two that took me from being mostly sick, to mostly well. But, the changes I have experienced over the previous 2 months have been more positive and more drastic than any changes that I have experienced thus far during this journey. In two months, my energy has returned to levels I don’t think I’ve had since high school. At 34 years old, I want to conquer the world, and I have the energy to do it. I also have the motivation, and clarity of mind it takes to cultivate mindfulness and focus. It’s absolutely amazing. Two years ago I was chronically and excruciatingly exhausted pretty much all the time. I never felt rested after sleep, no matter how much I got. Wow, has that all changed for me! Not to mention the happy little side effect of the needed weight loss that is occurring with a healthy diet. I’ve lost nearly 20 unwanted pounds in just a few months! I am not “skinny”. I don’t like that word. I am lean, muscular, and strong. I feel wonderful.

With regard to my CVS episodes – since beginning this regimen my episodes have dropped drastically in intensity. They are also beginning to occur less frequently. The loss of intensity is huge. It makes the episode nearly manageable. Oh, it’s still torture, but I haven’t needed to go to the ER in almost a year, which is an accomplishment that I am extraordinarily proud of, considering that has been my main goal thus far. Time for new goals??….

So, what exactly am I doing???….  Watch for my next post, where I’ll explain my initial detox diet in great detail! I’ll explain other aspects of my approach in other posts, also in great detail. It should be a good series, and I hope you find some helpful information within this and the upcoming posts!imagesCA29RVHK


3 thoughts on “The Power of the Holistic Approach

  1. Beans says:

    This is such a great post! I’ve been lamenting lately (well, for a long time…but extra lamenting has been recent) on the very same thought that doctors are no longer doctors anymore. They collect money for giving out pills. In all of my years I have been sick, not ONCE has a doctor (or even a nutritionist) ever spoken to me about diet other than a 2 minute talk about the FODMAP diet. Nothing at all specific to my body’s needs and ability to eat and not eat. As someone with a vomiting disorder, this astounds me. In fact, I was encouraged to keep eating processed food which was making me sick because I had gained weight. When I protested at the notion of eating junk food (which sets off attacks) for the sake of calories, it was dismissed. In fact, I wasn’t even able to finish my sentence; the doctor cut me off and told me it was “working” and to keep eating that way. And this was at Mayo Clinic! I did not expect that out of them.

    I’m so very glad you found a great Naturalistic doctor that actually listens to you! That’s wonderful to hear!!!! I’m very much looking forward to hearing what your detox diet is.



    • Hi Beans! It just doesn’t make any sense does it? What astounds me is that more people aren’t arriving at the same decision by the same logic. Some are, but most would rather take their pills. I find that disheartening, because that will only feed the system as it is, and will not incite change. I’m paying more out of pocket for my naturalist care, and spending more time cooking and exercising than I ever have. It means I had to cut out things in my life and make new priorities. The results are worth it all! I’ve been missing you, Beans, and I think of you very often. I hope you have been doing well.


  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! My 19 year old daughter has had CVS for the last 6 years. I have spent an insane amount of time researching anything that will help her. I too have come to the realization that all of the doctors she has seen has been fairly worthless. I’m so excited to finally take her to see a ND next month, and am so hopeful that she will take the time to really try and help. I’ve just recently begun researching CBDa Hemp oil and it usefulness for controlling nausea and vomiting. I was wondering if you have any knowledge or experience with it? I look forward to reading the rest of your blog! Good luck with your CVS!


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