CVS Books

The Second Brain: A Groundbreaking New Understanding of Nervous Disorders of the Stomach and Intestine by Michael D. Gershon M.D.

The Second Brain
Dr. Michael Gershon has devoted his career to understanding the human bowel (the stomach, esophagus, small intestine, and colon). His thirty years of research have led to an extraordinary rediscovery: nerve cells in the gut that act as a brain. This “second brain” can control our gut all by itself. Our two brains — the one in our head and the one in our bowel — must cooperate. If they do not, then there is chaos in the gut and misery in the head — everything from “butterflies” to cramps, from diarrhea to constipation. Dr. Gershon’s work has led to radical new understandings about a wide range of gastrointestinal problems including gastroenteritis, nervous stomach, and irritable bowel syndrome. The Second Brain represents a quantum leap in medical knowledge and is already benefiting patients whose symptoms were previously dismissed as neurotic or “it’s all in your head.”

This is the best book I’ve read for helping me understand my disorder on a deeper level. We now know that CVS is largely neurological in nature, but we are also learning that there is a vast amount of nervous tissue living in our stomachs and intestines. Connecting the dots between these two systems is crucial for understanding our disorder. This book can help that tremendously. There is a lot of technical information, and I am thankful for my medical background when reading this. However, I think you will find that Dr. Gershon does a great job of putting things into terms that people who aren’t medical professionals will also be able to understand.


Rare But Not Alone: Raising Kids With Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome by Colleen Rice

Rare But Not Alone

“JUST A STOMACH BUG?” – It’s never fun when your child has a stomach virus and vomits. but what if it happened for days on end and there was nothing you could do to stop it? What if the doctors and hospital staff had no answers from you other than it’s just a virus? Rare But not Alone tells the stories of real families dealing with exactly that. together we share our stories to spread awareness of Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) bringing hope to the hundreds of families affected by this rare migraine variant. this book provides key insights into raising a child with this condition that only a parent could give. Both parents and children will see that they are no longer alone, it’s not a virus, nor is it a mental disorder. It’s real and it’s called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. Most important there is hope and there are treatment options!
Topics include:


Paths to a diagnosis
Riding out the storm
Finding the right plan
The education question
Family life
Find a joyful path
The sky is the limit
*Tips from over 70 families worldwide along with the latest research information included!

It is now available for print or ebook on Amazon and Amazon Smile.  This is a great book written by a CVS sufferer, AND she is also the dedicated mother of a CVS sufferer. Colleen had CVS since childhood but was undiagnosed, and had never heard of CVS, until her son was diagnosed with it. She writes about her journey, and has also compiled stories from other sufferers, making an excellent book that is the first of its’ kind. (**P.S. There are a few paragraphs in this book dedicated to my very own journey with CVS!**)



Breaking the Cycle by Tricia Anderson



Max is excited when Chloe, a girl that works for the same gym he does, agrees to go on a date with him. He is disturbed, though, when she becomes violently ill after he kisses her. Max can’t shake how he feels about her. He sacrifices his job and does everything he can to find an answer to her illness. But is it enough to save their relationship – and save her?
Chloe can’t believe Max Thomas, the hottest guy at Roadie’s Gym, wants to go out with her. When their date is a disaster, she thinks she’ll never see him again. She is stunned when he reappears in her life and tries to find the answer behind whatever has made her sick since she was a child. However, will he stick around or abandon her like her father did? Can she trust him enough to let him into her heart?

Tricia is a dedicated mother of a CVS sufferer who also writes teen romance novels. She chose to raise awareness about her daughter’s disorder by writing a book about a teen girl facing CVS. How great is that?!?! I love a mom who writes a romantic novel to promote awareness of her daughter’s illness! We need more of this! I read this book, and enjoyed it very much! Great job Tricia!


Nausea: Mechanisms and Management by R.M Stern, Kenneth L. Cook, and Paul Andrews

Nausea - Mechanisms and Management

Nausea is a complex sensation that results from the interaction of certain fixed biological factors, such as gender, with changeable psychological factors, such as anxiety. This is the first book to provide a complete, in-depth explanation of what we know about nausea, along with the latest research results on its causes and treatment. As it is the product of long-term collaboration between scientists from the three main approaches to studying and treating nausea–psychology, gastroenterology, and physiology–the information this book provides is both comprehensive and well integrated.

The book is divided into two parts, on mechanisms and management, respectively, and four sections. The chapters in Section I introduce the concept of nausea as a protective control mechanism with individual dynamic thresholds, explain the function of nausea, review past and present conceptions of nausea, and describe the prevalence of nausea in different conditions.

Section II includes four basic chapters that review what is known about the physiological bases of nausea. Other chapters explore the roles of the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and gastric dysrhythmias. Section III presents the difficult problem of measuring nausea, with chapters focusing on measuring nausea in humans and studying it in animals.

Section IV forms the second part of the book, on the management of nausea. The main chapters cover nausea and its treatment in several conditions, including chronic nausea, diabetes, pregnancy, post-operative, cancer and its treatment, and provocative motion. A final chapter discusses future research, including three preliminary studies of novel treatment approaches.

This is next on my “To-Read” list. It was recommended to me by Dr. Charles Horn (one of the CVSA medical advisors) during a personal discussion with him at the CVSA Family Conference in June 2014. I look forward to reading it and learning even more about this!




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