CVS in Social Media

Social media is an effective and efficient way to spread the word about CVS and raise awareness in the medical community. Check out how these CVS sufferers have chosen to do their part!

Facebook Pages

We all need support, and these groups are a great way to meet others with CVS, ask questions, and share ideas. I encourage you to click the links below to visit and join the Facebook support groups today!

  • CVS Speaks! Please visit and “like” them! A social media outreach organization dedicated to connecting CVS sufferers and their families with online support groups and media resources. It is a volunteer organization seeking to raise awareness of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, and to help all people of CVS to find the support group that fits their needs. CVS Speaks also assists and supports the Admins of a variety of groups to help maintain the highest quality groups of Facebook.

Email CVS Speaks at:

The following groups on Facebook currently make up the collective network called CVS Speaks: (This list is, however, ever evolving…)



  • Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association is one of the best websites we have when it comes to resources on CVS. It might take months to read all the information within that site. Visit them today!
  • Rare But Not Alone is a website created by Colleen Rice, a CVS sufferer, AND dedicated mother of a child with CVS. She also wrote a book, a blog, and has a Facebook page (all below).

 YouTube Videos about CVS

Presentations from the CVSA Conference June 2014

A simple search within YouTube will produce hours of video results from sufferers of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. I hope you’ll find some time to sit and hear what some of them have to say. Their messages are real, individualized, and heartfelt.


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