Stress Management, Anxiety, & Coping


By far, the best treatment for myself that I have found for CVS is the reduction of stress, in all forms. I have found yoga and meditation, along with regular running/exercise to be the best methods of quieting my anxious mind.  Here are some helpful online resources on stress management, anxiety, and coping.



For Parents

 For Children:

For Adolescents:

Apps For Stress Reduction:

  • Breathe2Relax – Free. (iphone or Android). Paced breathing exercises. Education on stress response and stress management.
  • CBT-I Coach – Free. (iphone or Android) This app focuses on insomnia. The “tools” section has some very useful strategies for managing worry, relaxation and meditation.
  • Calm – Free. (iphone or Android) Relaxation exercise.
  • My Calm Beat – Free. (iphone or Android) Paced breathing exercise.

Biofeedback Home Trainers for Stress Reduction

These compact (size of a phone) devices provide feedback about heart rhythm, which serves as a way to monitor your body’s response to stress. Use of the trainer involves practicing breathing techniques while monitoring your heart’s response to the breathing exercises. With practice you may be able to modify your body’s responses to stress.



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